Pizza + 1000 Brussel?

Pizza + 1000 Brussel?

Carlo · 29/04/10 · Gezien of gehoord

Eén van de mannen bij Yahoo had gisteren zin in sashimi bij een restaurant in de buurt van zijn huis en hupsakee:

Starting today, we are introducing a new feature that makes it easier to search for specific menu items for the times when you know what you want to eat but don’t know where to go.

By extracting structured content – in this case, menu items – from unstructured web pages and matching them to restaurant entities, Yahoo! Search can return results of restaurants near you that serve the dish you crave for when you enter the name of the dish in the search box. You can also try this experience in Yahoo! Local.

For example, to find a nearby restaurant serving tuna sashimi, I type “tuna sashimi San Francisco” in the search box. You can type the name of the city and state, or just use the zip code of your location. You’ll see a list of restaurants that serve tuna sashimi on the menu. I can then narrow down the results by my neighborhood or read more about the business in the overview tab. I can also discover more menu items that I might be interested in.

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't Werkt ondertussen ook al voor België! Probeer effectief eens "pizza + 1000 Brussel " op te zoeken.